Sylviane Anna Diouf

Historian of the African Diaspora

Osman, the maroon in the swamp

My ancestor's mosque built in 1611 in Pire, Senegal

Tromelin, Indian Ocean, home of the shipwrecked Africans

Ruins of the houses

The New Africans and the Snow

May 16, 2009

Tags: illegal slave trade

Dreams of Africa in Alabama relates the last episode of the illegal slave trade to the US. Here's another striking example of the introduction of young Africans, more than three decades after the interdiction.

NEW NEGROES. The New Orleans papers, twelve or twenty days ago, gave an account of the unusual phenomenon of a snow-storm in the far South. They said that the astonishment of the "young negroes, fresh from Africa and Cuba" was very great, and the capers they cut on the occasion were extraordinary. How came those young negroes from Africa and Cuba? Is not the slave-trade declared piracy? Do not our orators on every Fourth of July plaster the nation with praise, for that magnanimous tariff on foreign production? How then came those young negroes into our Southern States, "fresh from Africa?" *Virginia should look into this matter. It is an unjustifiable interference with her monopoly on the slave-trade.-A. S. Standard.

Emancipator and Free American March 30, 1843

*Virginia was a provider of enslaved men and women to the Deep South through the domestic slave trade that displaced more than a million people from the Upper South to the Gulf States between 1790 and 1865.


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